Conrad Decker

Technology leader focused on crafting solutions that drive business results

I am a driven technology leader with a proven track record across various industries. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and leverage a unique blend of skills to deliver exceptional results. I have over 20 years of technology & business experience and enjoy building high performing teams through trust, empathy and hard work.

My career spans many roles, ranging from software engineer to agile manager, from head of engineering to director of digital operations, and from CTO to business owner. Throughout the years, and all of these positions, my focus has always been the same: utilize technology to drive tangible business results.

Beyond my professional experience, I am always seeking opportunities for personal growth. I am a big proponent of continuous improvement and I yearn for ways to achieve that. I love to travel because it pushes me outside of my comfort zone and never fails to put me in unique situations that require different ways of thinking.